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The Pocono Area

The Pocono Area

Amidst beautiful sceneries nestled into Northeastern Pennsylvania, a community is flourishing. The Poconos have become a popular destination for any time of the year. With family-friendly outdoor attractions to a quiet weekend getaway at one of many illustrious resorts, there is something for everyone.

With a rich and relaxing environment, people have been visiting the Poconos as far back as the 19th century. Traditionally known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” couples discovered the area during World War II and continuously vacationed throughout the years for the perfect getaway. The tranquility of the Poconos is not only fit for couples, but for both religious groups and families as well.

Aside from its satisfying, inviting atmosphere, the Poconos are set in a prime location. The growing area sits comfortably between a stretch of highway from Boston to Washington DC. Interstate 80, Interstate 84, Interstate 380, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike keep the Poconos right in the center of all the action. These main traffic highways intersect the Poconos with major areas in the Northeast like New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Scranton, and Allentown. This quick accessibility makes the Poconos the perfect place for tourism and expansion.

Like that of urban havens, the Poconos has a variety of transportation options such as bus services for residents and commuters, car rentals and taxi services, and several private and international airports. Easy convenience like that of a metropolis feels even better when coupled with lower taxes. With no retirement tax and taxes being a fraction of those in New York and New Jersey, building a home in the Poconos is significantly lower than surrounding areas. Take advantage of these lower tax rates to either upgrade your home or reduce your mortgage payments.

One of the main attractions to the Pocono area is the various shopping complexes. You can find anything from brand names to antique shops scattered throughout the Poconos. Candle shops and flea markets also provide a small town atmosphere in the Poconos. The Crossing’s Premium Outlets are located conveniently in Tannersville just off of Interstate 80. Outdoor shoppers can choose from 100 different stores while taking in the fresh mountain air. Aside from the outdoor mall, The Stroud Mall provides patrons with a variety of options as well only 15 minutes away in Stroudsburg.

An excellent benefit of the Pocono Mountains is the ability to utilize each season. In the winter months, the Poconos become a snow haven providing the perfect activities for family and friends. There are seven major ski areas in the Poconos. All are in opportune locations which elevate travelling in wintery conditions.

Everyone from beginners to experts can come explore the snow covered trails of the Pocono Mountains. Camelback Mountain Resort is one of the major ski and snowboard attractions in Northeast Pennsylvania. Camelback was recently voted #1 in the United State to learn how to ski and ride. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, Jack Frost Big Boulder, Sky Top Lodge, and Alpine Mountain are other mountain resorts. Other winter activities include snow-mobiling, snow-tubing, cross-country skiing, sledding, tobogganing, and ice fishing.

With the development of the area over the years, many new restaurants have opened creating a plethora of choices only adding to the list. You can find food catering to your need by cuisine, name, or price. Delicatessens and family restaurants can be found ambiguously throughout the Poconos. In addition to the multitude of well-known chain restaurants, the area thrives with an upstanding reputation for good food, and with even better service.

Like that of a home, art can have many different styles. In the Poconos, professional artists showcase their work in their homes. These artistic styles can range from modern to contemporary, and display the same originally and uniqueness like that of the homes. Galleries can be found throughout the region in town or as desolate as a private road in the country. If interested, there are different avenues one can take to brush up on their hidden creativities. Classes as well as workshops are available in the Poconos for anyone interested. Clubs and associations are just as accessible. Such forms of art include photography, painting, sculpture, and crafts.

With an area that’s constantly growing and changing, it is important to keep in mind where it all started. The Poconos has had quite a history sprinkled with influences in varies cultures. Take a walk through time with a living farm experience, Native American cultural exhibits, period homes, railroad sites, and one-room schoolhouses. These diverse museums and historic buildings give the opportunity to look into the Pocono’s rich heritage.





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